Insiders estimate the value of Liverpool at $5 billion

By on 12th November 2022

The owners of Liverpool are reportedly considering selling the team even though they would prefer to find new investors. According to a statement from Fenway Sports Group, “The success of Liverpool, both on and off the field, is FSG’s only focus.”

The club is currently ranked at 8th number in the premier league, but fans believe that they have the potential to end the season in the top 4. Due to their recent success in the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool is one of the fans’ top picks to advance to the next round. Moreover, fans who like to place wagers on Liverpool can benefit from online betting platforms’ no deposit bonus codes to get started.

Although they would like to entice new investors by selling a minority interest, FSG, who acquired the club in a deal for around £300 million in October 2010, is rumoured to be exploring a sale. Goldmann Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been requested to assess buyer interest, and it is anticipated that the banks would inquire about the interest of some of the shortlisted bidders who were unsuccessful in acquiring Chelsea in investing in Liverpool.\

According to a statement from FSG, in light of recent ownership changes and rumours of ownership changes at EPL teams, it is inevitable that we are frequently questioned about Fenway Sports Group’s ownership of Liverpool. Premier League clubs are rarely officially being offered for sale as that would affect their value.

FSG often receives interest expressions from outside parties looking to invest in Liverpool. As previously stated by FSG, if it were to the greatest advantage of Liverpool as a team, we would entertain additional shareholders under the proper terms and conditions.

Roman Abramovich, a Russian, concluded the sale of Chelsea earlier this year to a consortium of investors led by Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital in a transaction overseen by Goldmann Sachs, with an estimated acquisition value of £4.25 billion.

Theoretically, it is now less expensive for US investors to purchase Premier League teams due to the high dollar and weak pound.

The Ricketts Family, the owner of the Chicago Cubs, Stephen Pagliuca, the owner of the Boston Celtics, and a group led by Sir Martin Broughton, the former chairman of Liverpool, were unsuccessful in acquiring Chelsea in May. A late proposal from Sir Jim Ratcliffe for more than £4 billion also ultimately failed.


It is anticipated that Fenway Team would be able to attract additional investors since they are open to investments and have a strong dedication to the club. The investments are expected to result in a more active role in the January transfer window, which is what fans are hoping for.

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