Liverpool to get back on track after Napoli loss

By on 13th September 2022

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has warned he will be ‘laughed at’ by rivals after Liverpool suffered a 4-1 defeat to Napoli in the Champions League Group A first leg on Wednesday. Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool knows they need to show a reaction when they play Ajax on Tuesday after they put in a “worst game” on the bench against Napoli last week. Jurgen Klopp has hinted that Liverpool may have to ‘reinvent themselves after a disastrous defeat to Napoli. Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool got off to a shaky start in the Champions League against Napoli, so Jurgen Klopp urged Liverpool to “reinvent” themselves quickly. Klopp says his team is not playing as a team and needs to reinvent themselves to get back to the top.

Liverpool’s defeat in Italy in the first leg of the Champions League group was the worst European defeat since 1966, and he said he couldn’t find anything positive about it. Jurgen Klopp noted that Liverpool’s Champions League match against Wolves had been postponed due to Queen Elizabeth II’s death, meaning their marketing campaign was their first alternative to recover from the nightmare. Liverpool only had five days to prepare for Ajax’s match against them due to the cancellation of the Wolves match, and Jurgen Klopp has revealed he used the time to provide his players with the ‘absolute truth’ about their circumstances. Andy Robertson is expected to miss Liverpool’s upcoming Champions League group stage match due to a ‘suspected knee injury.’ According to Liverpool Echo reporter Paul Gorst, the fullback was observed in a knee brace at the AXA training facility ahead of the Reds’ match against the Dutch champions on Tuesday.

Jurgen Klopp has stated that when football resumes at Anfield on Tuesday, he wants Liverpool fans to observe a minute’s silence in memory of the Queen. Liverpool has requested permission from UEFA to honour the late Queen prior to their Champions League match against Ajax at home. Last season, sections of the club’s fan base booed the national anthem before the FA Cup and Carabao Cup finals at Wembley, raising concerns about how a homage to the monarch’s death will be observed at Anfield.

Klopp believes that a minute’s silence, if permitted by Uefa, would be treated with respect, citing Liverpool fans’ standing ovation for Cristiano Ronaldo in the seventh minute of last season’s game at Manchester United following the death of the player’s new-born son. Klopp’s mother, Elisabeth, died last year at the age of 81, and he was unable to attend her funeral due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. He stated that he was acutely aware of the Queen’s emotional distress.

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