Football NZ to host qualifying tournament for 2023 Women’s World Cup

By on 22nd July 2022

The first Women’s World Cup Playoff Tournament will be held in Hamilton and Auckland in New Zealand in February 2023. The Playoff Tournament will include 10 teams competing for the last three spots at the Women’s World Cup.

Paula Southgate, Hamilton’s mayor, said the event would be “invaluable” to the city, especially its hospitality and accommodation sectors recovering from a drop in tourism due to the Covid-19 ramifications. Moreover, she said that the sports industry generates significant money for the Hamilton economy, as people travel to the city to watch sporting matches, stay overnight in hotels and eat at local restaurants.

The women’s world cup final is expected to draw a sizeable overseas television audience, as 2x as many people viewed the last FIFA Women’s World Cup final as the men’s Rugby World Cup Final. Moreover, gamblers worldwide are gearing up for the tournament, and traffic at sites like is expected to build up during the tournament.

Waikato Stadium in Hamilton will be the site of the playoff tournament. But most people associate Waikato Stadium with rugby matches. However, Hamilton City Council is working at Waikato Stadium to ensure it has the facilities and infrastructure for hosting football games.

As the Playoff Tournament for the women’s world cup approaches, gamblers are getting ready for the tournament, and many are visiting online casinos that offer football-related games.

FIFA, the world’s governing football body, changed the format for the 2023 World Cup by increasing the number of teams from 24 to 32, which led to Hamilton becoming the first city to host a playoff tournament. The Playoff Tournament will allow fans of all ages to watch nations with the best women’s football players compete for three final qualification spots in the lead-up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Teams representing Asia, Africa, North and Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Oceania will compete in the play-off tournament. Moreover, Thailand and Taiwan recently confirmed their participation in the tournament, with the remaining teams expected to be announced soon as they qualify through their respective continental tournaments.

Final Words

The Women’s World Cup is the most prominent women’s tournament in the sports world, and it only makes sense that more teams have a shot at it. It will be interesting to see how this affects the players, teams, sponsors, fans of women’s football, and the future of women’s football. However, with the game continuing to grow at a rapid pace, we should be able to see progression continue to take place at this upcoming event.

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