Tottenham’s Hojbjerg, Reguilon, Davies and Moura all compete in NFL quiz

By on 23rd February 2022

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Sergio Reguilon, Ben Davies, and Lucas Moura were tested on the knowledge that they have of the NFL in an entertaining video to have been provided by Betway, although it is clear that two of them knew a lot more than the others.

Of course, fans of American Football will know that a number of the London Games will typically take place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium each year, as the sport looks to increase its exposure across the continent and improve its standing in Europe.

Therefore, it only seemed natural for the Spurs players to have their knowledge tested as they would have first-hand experience of being able to see the game up close and personal, although it might be suggested that some have taken more of an interest in it than others.

Competing over three rounds, the interesting Betway Insider video showed some rather hilarious moments in which both Hojbjerg and Reguilon appeared to struggle, whereas Davies and Moura were able to enjoy themselves and show off their knowledge of the sport.

The rounds that were contested followed the following format:

  • Round 1 featured a game of charades
  • Round 2 was a round that looked to test the players’ knowledge regarding certain NFL jargon
  • Round 3 was a geography-based game where they had to place the teams on a map

In a battle of charades, Reguilon and Hojbjerg were successful in naming the most NFL teams possible as the Spaniard put on a brilliant performance in acting out the franchises that he was given. He managed to act out the Detroit Lions, the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Miami Dolphins successfully with the Denmark international getting everything right.

Moura had to do the same for Davies, although the pair started slowly as it seemed the Welshman struggled a little. The duo managed to get the Chicago Bears, the New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings, however they were unable to gain a point for the Baltimore Ravens.

The second round saw the two teams be separated massively in this Betway competition, as it became obvious that Reguilon and Hojbjerg had no idea what certain American Football terms had meant; leaving Davies and Moura in stitches.

Thankfully for the latter duo, they knew exactly what the terms that they were given meant, clearly showing that they actually followed the sport.

The final round saw the two teams look to have to try and locate where each NFL team played on a blank map of the USA.

Once the competition came to an end, the team of Moura and Davies were crowned winners as they won 12-11, much to their surprise.

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