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If you want to watch drama, suspense and action altogether, don’t watch a movie. A high-stakes football match with Video Assistance Referee can provide just that, and it’s not even an exaggeration! VAR made its way to the footballing world only a few years back but the controversies it has caused, we don’t even need to tell you about it. So, let’s understand VAR, try to sympathize with it, and understand how we need to go forward with it.

Technology is inevitable

As the world has progressed, the use of technology is evident in every sector and sports is no exception. Starting with goal-line technology to intricate, detailed analysis of a player – via a computer. Technology has impacted not only the viewing experience of football but even how the sport is played.

The increasing usage of technology has an impact on how the game is changing. With detailed stats and in-depth analysis, some argue that technology is making the game more tactical and less enjoyable. But that is a discussion for another day.

Why so controversial?

So, VAR is a product of the sophisticated technologies that are currently available in our world. The reason VAR causes a lot of controversies in a football match is down to two reasons. First, it is not consistent enough with its decision-making process. Secondly, since football is a contact sport the decisions made during the match are very subjective.

A defender commits a potential foul in the penalty box – sometimes it will be a foul and in other cases not. Although the severity of the challenge is very similar. The same pattern can be observed in red card decisions and handball shoutouts. VAR is very inconsistent and sometimes in the same game. It’s no surprise that this technology causes heated controversies.

On the other hand, we all know a decision in football can be very subjective. What one referee considers to be a foul may not be considered so by another. Even when sitting at home with friends and family to watch a football game, a decision might divide the house. There is no simple yes or no in a football match. Since it’s a contact sport there will always be a grey area that comes with it.

Even before VAR, it was not all peace and goodwill in football matches. Controversies were still sparked due to certain decisions given by the referee. It’s just now with Technology, teams have found their new scapegoat.

The truth about VAR

Now, VAR says that for it to overturn a decision it has to be clear and obvious. Now fans and pundits alike have debated on what makes something clear and obvious? – the debate will probably go on.

The truth is leagues are still not confident enough to use VAR to overturn a referee’s decision. The referee’s word still holds value and VAR is still a work in progress and we as fans need to understand that.

Any new technology needs time to adapt and be a better version of itself as time goes on. When the goal-line technology was introduced, there must have been problems but effectively with a little bit of time and tweaks, it got to where it is today!

My honest opinion is that VAR is the future and it’s only time until it gets to a stage, where it is consistent, reliable and an absolute must in a football match.

A little bit of patience and empathy toward the technology and it will prove to be an asset for the footballing world. Until then, let us enjoy the drama, suspense, and action VAR brings on to the pitch!

Not to forget the delayed goal celebrations – Arhh those are the worst!

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