Manchester City continue remarkable run of form

By on 27th February 2021

When beaten heavily by Liverpool last season in the title race, many believed we had long seen the best of the current Manchester City squad and it was almost the changing on the guard as such. But despite this, the side were still the outright favourites for the title at the start of the current season, purely based on their performances in the previous seasons. This did come under a lot of support with punters get involved on the betting markets, with many here proving popular. However, City made a slow start to the current season and were down the Premier league table, with their odds drifting and pressure continuing to mount on the squad. But as this was happening, the same was also happening with the champions Liverpool, who are going through a torrid defence of their title and now look in a battle to even make the top four, which means they are now the worst defending champions in history. A tough statement for Liverpool fans.

Times have certainly now changed and this Manchester City side are continuing to improve every single week and are now running away with the Premier league title, as they continue their remarkable run of form in all competitions. They picked up a recent narrow but dominant victory over Arsenal, which meant they stayed 10 points clear and this run has even surprised their manager Pep Guardiola, with them finally again finding their best form. Could this also now be the season that they push for the Champions league title, which is the key competition they are looking to win.

Manchester City have now won their last 19 matches in a row, which is simply staggering, considering the level of competition against them. On top of this, they are also 26 games unbeaten, with the run dating back to the 2-0 away loss to Tottenham back in November. At the time, many people were saying there are finished and cannot win the title and that Tottenham have a real chance of finally winning the Premier league and another major trophy. But wow has this changed and City have now produced a record breaking run of form and are all but set to win a third title within the last four years. The big question now is how far they will win by and which sides are set to follow them, in finishing in the top four and qualifying for the Champions league.

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