Premier League – The Best League In The World?

By on 7th January 2021

There have been many debates around the world on which league is the best league in the world but the Premier League this season is further pushing the narrative that it is the best and most competitive in the world. This conversation has been able to be pushed further this season because of how open the league is and is no longer getting dominated by 1 or 2 sides and below we investigate if it really is the best league in the world.

[Image: Premier League]

The main argument that the Premier League has in favour of it being the most competitive league in the world is that how open the league is, especially this year as the top 10 is only separated by 7 points. Compared to other major leagues in Europe, the Premier League hasn’t been dominated by a couple of teams for example, Real Madrid and Barcelona dominating La Liga, Juventus dominating Seria A and Bayern Munich dominating the Bundesliga. This year, no one can predict how the Premier League is going to finish due to the points gap between the top 10.

Furthermore, the Premier League has the best TV right deals in the world in terms of football and due to this is quite easily the richest European league and so has the opportunity to be able to attract the best players in the world to its league. Although clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona have the biggest pull in world football due to the size of the clubs and their rich history, the Premier League is certainly the most desirable league to play in for players due to the high contracts and large exposure to the world.

And finally, the atmosphere that Premier League club stadiums are able to offer is some of the best atmosphere in the world compared to all of the other major clubs in Europe. Old Trafford, Anfield and St James Park are full every week and generate an amazing energy no matter who they are playing.

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